The same care and attention to detail used in the consulting room for the eye test is extended to the dispensing area. With the eye examination results to hand we take great care to explain in detail your dispensing options. For most people this involves sound advice based on years of experience as to the best spectacle lens to achieve maximum comfort and performance. Your specific requirements are crucial to the selection of the most appropriate lenses for you.

Dispensing spectacle lenses accurately is very important and not as easy as one might at first assume.. We have been instrumental in the design of the very accurate Anyview system that allows a full and detailed demonstration of the lenses followed by a photographic reading of how the frame fits you. This allows the positioning of the lens optical clear zones to be precisely in line with your pupils. We have written an article on this for our leading journal : You can read about it by clicking on this link.

Not everyone wishes to be dispensed with new spectacles. Contact lenses are an option for some people as is laser surgery. We are happy to discuss these options.