We stock a very extensive, reasonably priced range of both unbranded and also leading designer spectacle frames to suit all budgets.

We stock Silhouette, Nike-Flexon, Joop!, Jaguar, Calvin Klein amongst others and can willingly source many other ranges.

We are also very open and agreeable to fitting new lenses to your existing frames.We make a scan of the frame and from that make new lenses to fit the frame. You do not have to leave your spectacles behind during the time it takes to make the new lenses. When the new lenses have been made and checked you then return to have the new lenses fitted “while you wait”.


As a wholly independent firm, we are keen to stress that we are not tied to any one lens manufacturer. We are particularly proud of our association with Nikon, Hoya and Zeiss but use other brands of lenses in addition to these. Indeed we will always endeavour to supply the lens we know will be best for your requirements.

We get the lenses precisely shaped to fit the frame and assemble most of the spectacles on site. This helps to assure the quality of assembly.

Contact Lenses

We have many years experience in the prescribing and fitting of most types of contact lenses. Again, we are not tied to any one supplier and will always fit the lens best suited to your eyes.Should you wish we are also happy to facilitate the ordering of your contact lens supplies from the internet. We can also offer you a discretionary scheme which can make the wearing of contact lenses more affordable. Ask for details.


We both believe passionately in the protection of the eyes afforded by the regular use of sunglasses and try to persuade people of all ages to seriously consider this aspect of their eyecare. We are particularly keen to emphasise the benefits of polarized sunglasses. We stock a wide range of sunglasses and believe it can be as important to wear them in winter as well as in summer!

Specialist polarized sunglasses that we stock include Maui Jim, Polaroid and Drivewear but we do also stock unbranded polarized sunglasses.